8 Tips To Prepare CAT Examination – Follow The Guidelines From The College Of MBA In Gujarat

8 Tips To Prepare CAT Examination – Follow The Guidelines From The College Of MBA In Gujarat

The CAT exam duration continues for 180 minutes, but the COVID-19 pandemic has cut the time limit to 120 minutes. This regulation was started in 2020. The testing authority has kept the same time limit for CAT 2021. According to the most recent release, the CAT exam pattern for 2021 is divided into three portions and has 76 papers. The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the computer-based entrance exam held in business schools. The postgraduate management programmes of MBA in Gujarat can help in guiding the students for the CAT examination.

As you get closer to the exam, students get agitated and nervous. Here are a few guidelines and tips that can help CAT students crack the examination. You may go through them below:

  1. Try to Focus on the Weak Subjects in the Course.

Suppose you solved 30% of the paper correctly and are satisfied with the analysis. In that case, you should try to solve the parts of the paper that you didn’t do well on, such as quantitative ability (QA), verbal ability (VA), reading comprehension (RC), and data interpretation (DI).

If you prepare for the CAT exams, you should spend time clearing up the concepts in your weak areas and answering more pertinent questions. You will improve your score steadily if you apply this method while preparing for the examination. Preparation can always help you make your subjective analysis clear.

  1. Follow the Guidelines for Practicing the Mock Test

Practising the mock test is very important for the CAT exam because it helps with self-evaluation and analysis. Practice can prepare you for the critical parts of the exam. This practise also provides you with a clear image of subject-by-subject time allocation. If you get admission from one of the best MBA colleges, the faculties can give you guidelines on answering each subject’s questions, checking them, and analysing them with self-analysis.

  1. Go through the Online Study Materials.

Online coaching lessons are preferable if you need to cover a significant portion of the curriculum. Most applicants can benefit from the coaching platforms of MBA colleges because they are often flexible.

One can select the most convenient schedule for them and attend classes accordingly. If the aspirants are choosing online tutoring, they can always go back and review the recorded sessions. Additionally, these seminars can aid in developing concepts and are excellent for resolving doubts.

  1. Strengthen the strong subjects and chapters in the CAT Program.

Each student has their own weak and strong areas, which should be carefully evaluated. Once you’ve identified your strong area, give it your 100% and thrive in it.

To achieve a target grade or a good score in those sections, you must practise as much as possible.

Also, go over the sample solution carefully to look for any errors. You’ll be able to finish that portion faster this way because your strong points always make you perfect.

  1. Grow Your IQ and Update Yourself with Current Affairs.

Nowadays, keeping up with current events and improving your IQ are essential.So, read books related to current affairs and GK. Studying the latest news and books is important to be updated with the world’s current events and affairs. You have to understand the need for research while studying the books.

Subjects such as the articles on philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, art, culture, literature, science and technology, economics, and business are recommended to prepare themselves for entrance examinations. Cracking entrance exams won’t matter if you have a strong IQ and the latest ideas about current affairs.

  1. Try to develop yourself from the early mistakes made in the practise test.

The students must learn from their failures on mock and sectional tests. This action will assist you in avoiding such errors in the future. Additionally, students should make a serious effort to develop their practical skills and theory. You will also need to know about the follies that you repeatedly commit. Immense practise can solve the follies.

While preparing yourself for the entrance exam, point out your common mistakes. Be your teacher with a self-analysis point of view.

  1. Understand the Concept and Complete Analysis of the Subjects

To complete the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation parts on time, make sure you understand all the concepts and strategies. You must do multiple computations in less than a minute, so keep track of your time. If you are familiar with the concepts of every subject, then dealing with multiple subjects and topics will be easy. Therefore, try to be apt and perfect in your subjective course and analysis. It is always easy to move on with the curriculum if your concept of the subject is clear.

  1. Improve your writing and reading speed.

To complete the entrance paper in the CAT examination, you will get a specific time to read and write. So, practice many things in your home that you will be guided by. The practice in writing speed can always help you complete your examination on time.

Final Word

Are you satisfied with the tips to gain marks on CAT exams above 80%? Choose the best MBA programme from a reputed college.