7 Qualities That Employers Look For in an MBA Graduate and How Employability Enhancement Program Helps

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The value of an MBA from a best MBA college is based on the skills students learn and how they apply those abilities. As a result, companies want individuals who can demonstrate mastery of fundamental accounting, financial, marketing, and operations abilities and apply those talents to real-world situations.


If you’re thinking about getting an MBA or are already enrolled in one, you’re probably aware that an MBA alone does not ensure a successful career, but the skills you gain along the way can. Over half of employers who replied to a poll by the Graduate Management Admission Council indicated their main reason for recruiting an MBA graduate is to satisfy the company’s strategic thinking objectives. So, if you want to be hired and keep your job, it’s a good idea to develop certain abilities that will help your CV stand out. With that in mind, let’s look at some important talents that MBA candidates from top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad must possess to stand out from the crowd.

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In a commercial setting, a quick adjusting personality is essential. In a corporate setting, change is massive. It is critical to be able to survive in an ever-changing and dynamic environment. An MBA graduate must know how to adapt to a rapid shift in job organization. The current epidemic is an excellent example of the times. This has posed a major challenge to both companies and MBA graduates. In a corporate setting, adaptability is required to operate with these times and events.


Communication skills


Although the saying “speak less, work more” is popular, communication is crucial in business. Communication skills are important for an MBA graduate, from pitching for commercial opportunities to obtaining the best remuneration. Companies are eager to acquire individuals with strong communication skills who can effectively communicate the correct message. In a business setting, effective communication is critical.


Leadership Skills


Influential leaders are in charge of the whole globe, including business and everything else. It’s not unusual to expect excellent leadership abilities from an MBA graduate. It is important to work as part of a team and reflect on the job being done. With leadership abilities comes a sense of responsibility, which will offer the business many values and advantages. One of the most crucial talents that an MBA Gujarat graduate should have is leadership.


Decision-Making Skills With Innovation


Most occupations require decision-making abilities. Every day, most leaders and managers must make critical decisions. Different classifications exist for decisions. Routine decisions are those that are made regularly. These are quick judgments that don’t require much consideration. The majority of these choices are no longer significant. They should be made as soon as possible. There are a few more judgments that are considered noteworthy. These are critical choices to make. Those who make these judgments can make a lot of money in some situations. Minor decisions are those that aren’t as important. 

This is a case where a little sum of money is at stake. These judgments must be made efficiently and with the appropriate level of creativity. Regular doesn’t always work, and there are instances when unconventional thinking is required to get things done at the workplace. For an MBA graduate, creative thinking and decision-making should go hand in hand.


Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills


An MBA graduate’s critical thinking is essential for critically analyzing the corporate environment after careful observation. Instincts are good, but critical thinking is important for deriving the correct analysis for advancing up the ladder of growing your business. Meanwhile, problem-solving skills were required to be demonstrated in addition to dispute resolution in the event of an issue. Many businesses rely so much on lateral thinkers to fulfil extremely unexpected needs. They’ll be able to come up with a solution to an issue.


Initiative and Drive


Two important characteristics that operate a business, a corporation, a corporate, or an organizational structure are initiative and drive. Anything that comes their way may be turned into an opportunity by someone who is extremely motivated. An MBA graduate from Best MBA Marketing College in Ahmedabad must take action with the proper motivations in mind. An employer who wants to recruit an MBA graduate to improve their company needs a defined plan to approach consistently.


An MBA is an excellent option for people who want to obtain the information and abilities necessary to thrive in business. Even if you have an undergraduate degree, an MBA can help you get a high-paying job and make you more desirable to employers. However, if you are considering obtaining your MBA, you should research what it takes to succeed in this program and remember to develop the abilities listed above.


What Is the Employability Enhancement Program?

Employability improvement programs are designed to bridge the gap between people’s talents and the competencies that the business seeks. These programs aid undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students, as well as students who have not completed their diploma or graduation. The major goal of EEP in SKIPS, the top MBA college Ahmedabad is to help students jump-start their careers by finding work at a reputable organization or starting a commercial enterprise.


To improve a student’s corporate preparedness, they must:

  • Psychometric Tests
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Goal Setting & Action Planning
  • Developing English Language Skills
  • Verbal & Non – Verbal Communication
  • Workshops on Body Language
  • Resume Building Workshop
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Grooming
  • Group Discussion
  • Pre Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interview-4 Rounds


Although an MBA graduate may already have a strong foundation of talents, such as writing and communication, there are many methods to develop your abilities. A handful of the suggestions below might help you enhance your abilities before you graduate. Volunteering, networking, and honing your professional skills will help you stand out as a more competitive candidate for future employment and boost your self-confidence.