MBA is one of the most sought after courses in India especially for students who wish to build their career in business and other management related sectors. The need for MBA graduates too has been at an all-time high, keeping in mind the companies who are always in search of such talented professionals who can carry out this trade of effective communication and management well in place. That is one of the prime reasons why most of the BEST MBA COLLEGES IN INDIA or the BEST PGDM COLLEGES IN AHMEDABAD have designed the courses in such a way that helps the industry to perform better and is useful for the companies once students begin to enter into the corporate world with that kind of frame-work and learnings. However, if you are someone who needs to know a quick insight into how things work and what are the kind of MBA specializations you should consider focusing on, we tell you about 11 such MBA specializations that are in high demand in India. With the help of this, you can always think what kind of a specialization you would like to focus upon before you plan to go ahead with this course

  1. MBA IN LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT: Logistics Management is one of the most thriving industries that would never come to a standstill in India. A course in this helps you get trained to become a successful manager in the field of industrial supply and chain management. MBA in Logistics Management helps the student get well accustomed to develop certain kinds of skill sets which would come handy when dealing with goods, inventories or transportation services. For all those who are willing to build their career in the supply chain or E-Commerce industry, then this specialization is best suitable for you.
  2. MBA IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Considered to be one of the most trending specializations, this course helps you get well accustomed to foreign trade management and helps you learn the best of practices that are needed to increase the import and export with the help of proper analysis and research. Getting an MBA degree in International Business helps the professionals in creating an in-depth understanding of how to take on the challenges that come with International Trade including the trading restrictions in different countries and how to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures
  3. MBA IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT : Doing a specialized MBA in Marketing Management comprises an advanced study that includes market research and analysis, product design, pricing, promotion, selling, distribution, advertising and other related marketing concepts. This course, being spread across four semesters consists of courses that are common for all students, however the last two semesters of the four semesters focuses on marketing related specializations which makes the students industry ready.
  4. MBA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: This course helps you focus on imparting knowledge and training professionals in a way in which they can manage the entire workforce of an organization. While every company has a certain decorum maintained consisting of their own set of ideologies and work ethic, the job of an HR becomes that he/she maintains that decorum and culture of that company and hires/retains the best team under the given set rules and standards.
  5. MBA IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: MBA in Financial Management is of good use for the students who wish to get a better understanding of financial business functions such as bookkeeping, promotion, data, frameworks etc. The course is designed in such a way that it helps the students develop efficient leadership and team-building skills, that ensures they can properly manage the finance department in any organization. Also, with the help of various techniques and tools, students can understand and analyze the various dimensions that are involved in a business environment.
  6. MBA IN RURAL AND AGRI BUSINESS: India being one of the top places for Rural and Agriculture business, the need for an MBA in Rural and Agri Business has become a need and there are students from across the world who are willing to take up this course and see a future in it. With the help of this course, the students get an insight into the Indian and the Global Agricultural Market.
  7. MBA IN PHARMA AND HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT: If we go as per the stats, the global pharma industry is going to be the most thriving industry by the end of 2023 and because of the overwhelming future that this field has, building a career in pharma and healthcare sector has become very much popular. Pursuing about this career gives you a good edge over enterprise management, advanced business concept, advanced pharmaceutical management etc.
  8. MBA IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Slowly and gradually, India is one of those places which is becoming an entrepreneurial hub for everyone and that is the reason why there are courses that help the students in developing skills such as coming up with good business ideas, developing ideas into products and services, designing a commercial venture and successfully thinking about the growth and expansion of the company.
  9. MBA IN COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT: Because of the latest improvements and evolvements in the communications sector, the demands to think about this sector has become all the more important and justified. An MBA in communications is designed in such a way that the students get to know about the conceptual knowledge and the socio-psychological context of business and communications that helps them to be better decision makers.
  10. MBA IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS AND BIG DATA: Due to the ever increasing demand of Big Data, an MBA In Business Analytics has become very popular as there are multiple businesses that are constantly looking out for talented managers who can understand the importance of data and then analyze that data to come to suitable points and conclusions.
  11. MBA IN E-COMMERCE : E- Commerce certainly looks as one of the next big thing and getting an MBA in this specialized course helps the students know about the key concepts of an e-commerce business and know about the little nuances that are involved in it right from general management, finance and marketing to successfully scaling the online business.