Students from various backgrounds come together to take up PGDM courses that help them step up in the corporate ladder. Today, there are many students who are always in the mood to opt for PGDM courses instead of going with traditional MBA programs. While there are not one but many reasons why you should go with a PGDM degree, we give you a list of reasons that tell you why opting for a PGDM Course is always a wiser idea

  • Industry Centric Course Design: The course design of PGDM programs are always industry specific when compared to the structure of MBA courses and that is the reason why you get to learn only the required syllabus that is needed to help you prepare for the specific course where you wish to build your career.
  • Specializations: There are a wide range of specializations for you to choose from. Right from PGDM in Marketing, PGDM in Finance, PGDM in Human Resources, PGDM in International Finance to PGDM in Enterprise Management, PGDM in Supply Chain, PGDM in logistics etc, you can always choose from the wide range of options that are available to you.
  • Better Skill Sets : There are a number of skill sets such as decision making skills, analytical skills, communication skills, planning and organizational skills, strategic skills etc. which you can develop when you are pursuing a PGDM course. PGDM courses focus not only on class room training but aim to increase your overall efficiency and skill sets so that you do not come across any issues when you enter into the corporate world.
  • Better Placement Offers: Since PGDM courses offer you with practical exposure in the form of organizational study, internships and on job projects, there are more and more people who wish to do PGDM courses over regular MBA programmes. A lot of reputed colleges have tie ups with leading companies who often come down to these colleges for campus placements.
  • Exposure: The level of exposure that you get at PGDM colleges is way more than a traditional MBA College. Right from internships and guest lecturers to intense classroom sessions and industry visits, you are bound to be more familiar with the kind of learnings that you get and grasp out of all these professional experiences.
  • Mentoring by stalwarts: Most of the PGDM colleges invite guest lecturers who are corporate chanakyas and that is the sole reason why you are in the right hands when you enter into a reputed PGDM College. There are top notch leaders from the industry who help you with your specializations in PGDM colleges that later help you to establish your knowledge about your specialized field.
  • Better Financing Options: There are easy and better financing options that are available if you opt for a PGDM degree as there are AICTE approved institutions that make it easy for the institutions to avail education loans as banks often come forward to offer the students with low interest rates and offer flexible loans that can be paid comfortably.
  • Multiple Skill Sets : Pursuing a PGDM course helps you with various kinds of skill sets that help you be job ready so that you do not have to face a new set of challenges. Right from training you about leadership to the art of taking responsibilities, there is alot that you learn while pursuing a PGDM course.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: There are a number of real life examples and teachings that you get that help you if you wish to start your own venture. The industry programs are designed in a way in which you can turn out to be a better entrepreneur and have a nice understanding of the start-up world.

Classrooms are fun- The classrooms are not boring as they keep you hooked to the kind with fun and interactive sessions. Discussions, role plays, activities, games and other interactive things are conducted from time to time to make sure that the session turns out to be nothing but fun.