10 Best Benefits of PGDM over MBA

Students from different backgrounds enroll in management courses because of the high-value of the course in the corporate world. If you are also someone who wants to kick start their career in the field of management, then PGDM is the course that you can definitely opt for. PGDM offers lucrative opportunities, diverse specializations, and practical implementation. It is one of the most sought-after courses in the field of management; however, a lot of people do not have a proper understanding and are highly confused about their choice of taking up a PGDM course. The perks and benefits of PGDM are often overlooked and probably not known to the masses. People usually go for MBA because of the lack of knowledge about PGDM courses.

Choosing between MBA and PGDM has always been difficult, with a never-ending debate on which is better. PGDM is more focused on the practical aspects of managing a business. The program pays more attention to industry-oriented training and syllabus. This ensures exposure to daily business operations in real-world scenarios and readiness to tackle problems.

This article sheds light on 10 benefits of choosing PGDM over an MBA and helps aspiring management students in understanding the course better.


1. The Affiliation with AICTE

The fundamental difference between PGDM and MBA is its affiliation. A PGDM is offered by an autonomous body, under the approval of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), by the Government of India. This is advantageous for the program, as it gives the institutions the freedom to design their own curriculum, whereas MBA courses follow the University course structure. Also, because of this affiliation, the financing doesn’t become a problem. The student can easily apply for an education loan with a low-interest rate and finish their course smoothly.

2. Learning Opportunities

A course that is designed to enhance the skills of a student that suits the current industry scenario is in itself a huge opportunity. PGDM programs keep their syllabus updated with the industrial trends and train the students accordingly. This becomes a platform for students to experience real-life scenarios prior to taking a position in the industry. The case is different with MBA colleges as the structure they follow is rigid, conventional and often outdated.

3. The Course-Design

Institutes offering PGDM design their own curriculum which is frequently updated. They tend to include a lot of case studies, industry visits and capstone projects to bring the students face to face with practical scenarios. This approach boosts the students’ empirical knowledge and helps them in their career growth; practical implementation is a key element that makes this course a prime want. MBA focuses more on the management theories rather than their hands-on applications.

4. Honing the Skill

PGDM courses are more inclined towards the technical application of the concepts. The focus is put more on enhancing the management and organizational skills, and not just the know-about. The students are exposed to a better education style and they are taught skills that help them stand tall in the corporate world. They are trained comprehensively on analytical thinking, making strategic decisions, and managing small- or large-scale businesses successfully.

5. Experienced Faculties

Another benefit of PGDM over MBA is that experienced personnel from the industry are often hired as faculties in the PGDM program. They not only hold high qualifications but also carry the corporate experience that equips them to mentor the students to build a bright future.

6. Job Orientation

PGDM prepares the students to build a career in challenging zones of business management. The program helps to take-up complex management roles and progress towards a bright future. This course offers multifold opportunities to students in diverse fields. PGDM aids the students to be ready to work under pressure and perform; which makes them confident enough to start their own venture or make a mark in the corporate world.

7. Interpersonal Skills

A professional needs to be adaptive to the changes in the work environment and to the people at work. PGDM helps boost soft skills such as Corporate communication, Teamwork, Time management, work-life balance, etc. to ensure a smooth transition in different career-levels.

8. Field Specialization

PGDM gives the liberty to specialize in the area of a student’s interest. It also provides a dual specialization with a major and minor. For instance, one could choose to specialize in Human Recourse as a major and Marketing as a minor. This broadens the scope of employability for the students. Another benefit of PGDM over MBA is that most PGDM colleges offer dual specialization with equal weightage to both the specializations. This makes a student corporate ready for two careers.

9. A batch of mixed audiences

Another benefit of PGDM over MBA is the student diversity that PGDM portrays. Personnel with work experience choose to take an executive course like PGDM to polish their skills in management. So, a PGDM batch is composed of experienced and freshers’ students who come from various backgrounds, which ultimately is a vast opportunity to learn.

10. Better Placements

With the practical course designs and the skill enhancements that PGDM offers, it is logical that a student will acquire better career opportunities than MBA. It is evident that companies look for more technically competent employees to recruit. A post-graduation in management studies can potentially provide perspective to the students towards attaining higher career goals.


During the learning course you will not get exhausted, PGDM courses are not just books; you get a chance to practically implement your knowledge. With interactive classes and a learner-oriented approach, you really enjoy the whole learning process. PGDM and MBA pretty much cost the same but the practical implementation, scope of opportunities, better exposure are some of the things that are much better in PGDM which cannot be overlooked. You can expect a successful endeavor by honing multiple skill sets after taking up a PGDM course.

Considering the benefits of PGDM over MBA that are listed in the article, you can definitely conclude that PGDM has an astute sense and can be considered over an MBA.