MBA College Ahmedabad

MBA Finance College in Ahmedabad

Studying management after getting a graduation degree has become a necessity today. Whatever subject one might have completed their graduation in, management seems to be the natural next step. To know why exactly that is, let’s first leaf through a little bit of history of this great course.

History of MBA

While it is the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania that is credited with being the the first ever graduate business school, it was about 27 years later, in 1908 - more than a century ago from now - that the first MBA program came into fruition at Harvard Graduate School of Management. From the humble beginnings of one of the greatest courses taken up today, when around 15 faculty members taught a little less than a 100 students, we‘ve definitely come a long, long way.

India took its first steps into imparting an education in the field of management in the year 1955, with the establishment of Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) by the Society of Jesus, in Jamshedpur.

MBA in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

It was the year 1961 when the history of education in the country, especially in Gujarat saw a new page being added to it. The establishment of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad by a team of eminent individuals led by Dr.Vikram Sarabhai, marked the beginning of one of the oldest schools providing a postgraduate degree in management. It further gave way to various institutes that went on to provide an MBA in Ahmedabad, and therefore, MBA in Gujarat.

Scope after MBA

When it comes to management, there’s a lot of scope for any specialization - be it Digital or Direct Marketing after an MBA in Marketing, be it Corporate Finance, Hedge Fund Management, Private Equity, etc after an MBA in Finance, or in the field of Recruitment, Retention, or Training and Development after an MBA in HRM. And so, getting placed at your dream company and doing what you really like and know, in other words, the extent of opportunity after studying management is really wide!