Employability Enhancement Program

EEP is designed to bridge the gap between skill set desired by the corporate and the skill set of a management graduate. Every student has different skills and abilities. We make sure that we hone the best in them and provide support at different levels. To enhance corporate readiness of a student, a student undergoes:

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are used to identify a candidate’s aptitudes, personality, or ability through a series of questions prepared by high level professionals and industry experts.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT test is undertaken by the student to identify their internal strengths adn weaknesses, as well as their external opportunities and threats under the guidance of our faculty.

Goal Setting & Action Planning

Goal setting is a process where the institute helps the students to identify and formulate strategies to achieve their short term and long term goals. Knowing these steps will allow students to formulate goals that they can then accomplish.

Developing English Language Skills

Activities that integrate four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing are carried out round the year for student’s development. Student’s Progress is consistently monitored and constructive feedback is provided from time to time.

Verbal & Non - Verbal Communication

Students are imparted with sufficient knowledge for their professional life by educating them with the right means of communication, which is both verbal and non verbal as each has different strengths and weaknesses.

Workshops on Body Language

Workshops are conducted to prepare students with the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated which is a must for corporate world.

Resume Building Workshop

The first step to making an impression is a good resume which is student’s passport to a better job which includes how to showcase strengths and achievements which is carried out by the placement cell.

Aptitude Tests

Students are trained to get through the aptitude test that they appear in when applying for a job. Special tips to score well in quantitative section are given along with sessions on logical reasoning and verbal aptitude.


First impression is very important in a job interview, the first judgement is on the basis of appearance, to get this right we give students sessions on Appearance Management and Power Dressing by experts from Fashion and Airline Industry.

Group Discussion

Group Discussions are carried out to assess and shape student’s personality keeping in mind the job interviews that involve personal interview as well as group discussions.

Pre Interview Preparation

Equipping student with basic knowledge and fundamentals to be kept in mind while appearing for an interview and information is given as per their chosen industry and job description of the post that they are seeking

Mock Interview-4 Rounds

It is conducted so as to give students a real feel of the job interview that they’ll appear for. It also involves the video recording of the students mock interview rounds which lays emphasis on body posture and other technical aspects following which Do’s and Dont’s are then discussed.