Director’s Message

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Arora, Director

ChairmanSirSKIPS is founded on the principles of discipline and innovation. We give our students the freedom to experiment with new ideas but they are under supervision and guidance. This has helped us in developing a milieu of rich thoughts which turn into richer actions. Our students are guided from all perspectives of development so that at the end of their tenure they are skilled management graduates.

With this vision in mind we strive hard to develop contemporary courses and deliver these in a well-organized manner. SKIPS hosts the best infrastructural facilities available for a complete learning environment. We give our students the best facilities and the latest resources which help them widen their horizons and learn better.

The team at SKIPS, ranging from faculty members to the administrative staff, works as a well-coordinated system to aid student development. Planning and implementation are meticulously detailed and no stone is left unturned to help students achieve their goals.

India is now a front runner in knowledge based new economy with strong and sustainable macro-economic indicators. With high resilience to crises and stable fundamentals, India possess a hugh diversified industrial base which is becoming globally competitive. With growing size of Indian economy and increasing specialization of business environment, the importance of management education has increased tremendously. Globalization and competitive Talent market are the two key factors influencing management education in India.

St. Kabir School of Business, Ahmedabad (SKIPS) not only responds to the market needs but also anticipates the dynamic business environment. SKIPS offers PGDM with Dual Specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, IT and Operations which is a job-oriented Program spread over six trimesters that caters to the need of the industry by making students industry ready to perform diversified roles, Students are provided with an atmosphere where they grow not only into successful managers and entrepreneurs but also responsible citizens who are fully aware of the social, economic and ethical ramifications of their decisions. In a bid to strike a fine balance between the local and global, SKIPS give its students due exposure to global management practices while maintaining relevance to their own culture and economy.