Course Structure

Course Code Course Title Credit
CC101 Management Concepts and Practices 3
CC102 Financial and Cost Accounting 3
CC103 Fundamentals of Marketing Management 3
CC104 Statistics for Managers 3
CC105 Computer Skills for Managers 3
CC106 Employability Enhancement Programme ELT-I 3
CC107 Employability Enhancement Programme Soft Skills-I 3
PR100 Live Project-I 1.5
Course Code Course Title Credit
CC201 Communication Skills 3
CC202 Financial Management 3
CC203 Managerial Economics 3
CC204 Organizational Behaviour 3
CC205 Management Information Systems 3
CC206 Employability Enhancement Programme ELT-II 3
CC207 Employability Enhancement Programme Soft Skills-II 3
PR200 Live Project-II 1.5
Course Code Course Title Credit
CC301 Corporate Communication 3
CC302 Advanced Marketing Management 3
CC303 Macro Economics 3
CC304 Production and Operations Management 3
CC305 Human Resource Management 3
CC306 Research Methodology 3
CC307 Employability Enhancement Programme ELT-III 3
CC308 Employability Enhancement Programme Soft Skills-III 3
- Elective - I 3
Course Code Course Title Credit
PR400 Industry Internship Programme 6
CC401 Business Environment (India and World) 3
CC402 Employability Enhancement Programme Soft Skills - IV 3
PR600 Course of Independent Study (CIS) 3
CC601 Legal Aspects of Business 3
CC602 Strategic Management 3

Electives (TRIMESTER-IV, V and VI)

Course Code Course Title Credit
MM501 Sales and Distribution Management 3
MM502 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
MM503 Digital Marketing 3
MM504 Social Media Marketing 3
MM505 Business to Business Marketing 3
MM506 Services Marketing Management 3
MM507 Product Management 3
MM508 Retail Management 3
MM509 Marketing Analytics 3
Course Code Course Title Credit
FM501 Marketing of Financial Products 3
FM502 Merchant Banking 3
FM503 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3
FM504 Risk Management 3
FM505 Banking Operations and Management 3
FM506 International Financial Management 3
FM507 Financial Derivatives 3
FM508 Taxation 3
FM509 Financial Planning 3
Course Code Course Title Credit
HR501 Talent Management 3
HR502 Training and Development 3
HR503 Performance Management 3
HR504 Compensation Management 3
HR505 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
HR506 Industrial Relations and Labour Legislatons 3
HR507 Organizational Development 3
HR508 HR Analytics 3
HR509 International HRM 3
Course Code Course Title Credit
IB501 Export Import Procedures and Documentation 3
IB502 International Trade 3
IB503 International Financial Institutions and Trade Agreements 3
IB504 Global Marketing Management 3
IB505 International Supply Chain Management 3
IB506 International Financial Management 3
IB507 International Laws 3
IB508 International Business Methods 3
IB509 International HRM 3
Course Code Course Title Credit
OR501 Quality Management 3
OR502 Supply Chain Management 3
OR503 Logistics Management 3
OR504 Project Management 3
OR505 Management Science & Simulation Models 3
OR506 Service Operation Management 3
Course Code Course Title Credit
IT501 Computer Network 3
IT502 Database Management Systems 3
IT503 E-Commerce 3
IT504 Web Technology 3
IT505 Business Intelligence Analytics 3
IT506 Software Engineering 3