Course Pedagogy

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Various seminars are organized around the year in the field of H.R, Marketing and Finance by experts from the industry to give students a competitive edge in the corporate life. The interactive nature of these sessions benefits student development.


Students conduct research projects by exploring real time problems through the year. These projects are to be defended in front of the college panel which helps in holistic exploration of management practices.

Case Study Methods

Case study method assists students to identify problems, comprehend business situations, find solutions and alternatives to the given set of problems. Harvard Business Review and McKinsey articles are used regularly in the class to promote discussion and decision making skills.

Role - Play

Students are given different live situations that commonly occur in the Corporate World. They then take up different roles and try to find solutions to the given problems. This helps them to understand the working s of a corporate scenario. Multiple rounds of roleplays are carried out in all the subjects.

Group Projects

A group of students together work on a particular project which is based on field visits. The core of the project is to identify the business and develop ideas based on new possibilities after a thorough SWOT analysis of the company. Groupwork, presentations and analytical skills are sharpened through this method.

Experiential Learning & Simulated Exercises

Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real corporate -world process. The students are put in different situations that arise in work life, this gives them better understanding of corporate scenario and instills confidence in them.