Top 10 Career Profiles After Completing PGDM In Business Analytics

A career in business analytics after a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) can be very rewarding and lucrative. Business analytics is the use of data analysis to make decisions in business. It involves applying quantitative methods to understand and improve business performance. PGDM in business analytics graduates can choose from a range of career opportunities in market research, data analysis, business intelligence, predictive analytics, and data science. PGDM graduates with a business analytics background can also pursue roles in consulting and advisory. 

Are you planning to go for a PGDM in Business Analytics and are now wondering about your career prospects?

If yes, then you are at the right place!

Keep on reading to find the best career options in Business Analytics.

What is the Scope of Business Analytics?

These days, PGDM in Business Analytics has become the talk of the town and is proving to be a thriving field! That’s because, with the shift towards technology, businesses are more inclined towards data-directed decision-making. No wonder, there’s a huge demand for skilled experts in the corporate world. 

A PGDM degree in Business Analytics from the best institutes in India can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the analytics field works and what roles and responsibilities you would be required to perform in the real world. 

Moreover, you will be able to prosper in this booming field if you have an inquisitive mind and basic knowledge of statistics. The multifaceted PGDM degree in Business Analytics covers many subjects including technical and management aspects, as well as leadership and training in corporate communication.  

Graduates from this field will be able to succeed not just in the private sector but in the government sector as well. 

Having said that, we are here to help you find the best career path! So, here you go. 

List of Top 10 Job Profiles After Completing Your PGDM In Business Analytics: 

Data Scientist

The responsibilities include analyzing and incorporating the data to establish current trends in business. In simpler terms, the work that you do should help the company in maneuvering its overall performance. A data scientist should be well acquainted with information technology to comprehend and come up with the solution required in a short duration of time. 

Market Researcher

Here the main role is to assess the market conditions to determine whether a service will thrive or not. As experts, you will help businesses in deciding what services the consumers are looking out for and at what rate. 

Management Analyst

As a management analyst, you will be responsible to contribute to a business’s maximum usage of profitable resources. For this role, you need to have great communication skills, as well as a persuasive personality. 

Relationship Manager

Your main responsibility here will be to advise clients in either retail or consumer banking. This would include everything from serving clients with account facts and figures to providing financial investment support.

Customer Service Analyst

This particular job includes analyzing a service department’s functioning and recommending tips to boost their efficiency and in turn deliver client satisfaction.

System Analyst

Your role here is to make sure that the computer’s performance is well maintained and improved as and when required for its clients. Here it is required for you to have precision reasoning and the ability to explain complex ideas to others as this is the main foundation of this career path.

Project Manager

This job profile requires a professional who can be held accountable for a project’s successful start-up, to complete planning, designing, and effective execution. Your services are required in several manufacturing businesses including construction, petrochemicals, information technology, etc. 

Business Analyst

This role requires you to do more than just analyze the data! You should be able to find new ways to boost the client’s profits, manage resources, and map out a system that is in line with the client’s current demand.


As the name suggests you will be responsible to oversee purchasing, shipping, and the management of inventory. You will be directing the movement of a variety of products, supplies, and services.

Sales & Market Analyst

You will be responsible for keeping an eye on the dynamics of the stock market and the supply-demand chain. The most crucial part here is to be able to sell the company’s product/service as much as possible. 


Selecting the best college for PGDM business analytics is critical for a successful outcome. We hope that you must have gained deep insights about the career prospects after PGDM in Business Analytics and will be able to make an informed decision! Select the job profile that interests you the most and hone your skills to stand out from the rest thereby, increasing your chances of getting your dream job!