The Importance of Industrial Exposure for MBA and PGDM Students

As the business world is dynamically expanding its arena with massive changes worldwide, it is becoming more and more challenging to make an edge in the market. The spurt in competition requires you to be the best out there to establish yourself in any niche. Therefore, students pursuing MBA and PGDM courses, who will join the market through their jobs or start-up journeys, must know that industrial exposure is significant to gaining practical knowledge and skill development for the business arena. With the competition given, the students of MBA colleges, who are the future of the business realm, can only stand out from the crowd by bringing something unique to the platter.

It is only achievable through industrial exposure.

Industrial exposure helps students put their theoretical knowledge into actual use by not limiting it to the four corners of the books and answer sheets. The world resides in practical application and not just theories. You can gain practical knowledge through real-life experience from industrial exposure. You get a clear insight into the structure of industries, their scope, responsibilities, departmental functions, etc.

Industrial Exposure: What it is?

Industrial exposure means exposing students to industries to gain a first-hand practical outlook on how industries thrive. The idea behind industrial exposure is to give students the right opportunity to learn in an environment mentored by industrial professionals outside classroom settings.

  • These exposures help students broaden their outlook toward different workforces among various industries by alerting and informing them about rules, regulations, and practices governing the industries.
  • Industrial exposure is the best way to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning. This helps them apply their knowledge in real-life settings.
  • Industrial exposure also helps MBA and PGDM students test their knowledge in a real-life setting. It is immensely beneficial for those who are planning to step into the business world through their start-ups soon.

There are several methods through which students can gain industrial exposure while pursuing their courses.

Types of Industrial Exposure

#1 Live Projects

Students, while pursuing their studies in management are assigned to do live projects. In live projects, the students work with an industry or company in a real-time environment for a certain period. These projects primarily aim to provide industry experience and insights by simultaneously improving the job skills required for their future endeavors.

#2 Internships

Internships are one of the best means to help students attain real-world experience in the field of business. This will give them exposure to the industry they are interested in and help them develop connections with professionals. Internships are industry-specific and therefore, provide students a first hand glimpse of the ins and outs of a particular industry that they are interested to join post completion of their management studies.

#3 Guest Lectures by Industrial Experts

These sessions are ideal platforms for the students to add weightage to their theoretical knowledge with first-hand perspectives offered by some of the revered stalwarts of the industry. Students get a critical insight into the different dimensions of handling challenges of businesses of the modern world.

#4 Seminars

Seminars are a brilliant means to help students attain sound knowledge and perspectives on subject matters delivered by industry experts. This can further help them develop their perspectives by putting their analytical ideas into practice.

#5 Workshops by Corporate Experts

Workshops are essential for the student’s growth because they allow the students to engage in activities, projects, or any form of discussion. These workshops help them develop their perspectives, offer creative ideas, develop cognitive skills, and network well.

#6 Entrepreneurship Platforms and IIF Clubs

SKOPE, a platform for entrepreneurship, by SKIPS College for management studies in Ahmedabad, ensure students the exposure to such entrepreneurship platforms to enhance and nurture their learning experience. On these platforms, renowned entrepreneurs address the students by sharing their respective journeys, learnings, and challenges they undergo while setting up their start-ups. Such platforms give a direct insight into the business arena. IIF (Industry Interaction Forums) are great initiatives to connect to the industry.

#7 Industrial Visits

Company visits provide students with the opportunity to garner first-hand learning exposure about a specific industry. These visits can be a moment of realization for the students and get a deeper understanding of what it looks like to work in a particular field. It helps them mentally prepare for their future choices.


#8 Study Tours

Study tours are the best means for students to attain the economic, political, and cultural contexts of businesses across regions. First-hand experience in exploring places will give them an in-depth insight into the functioning of different businesses and their respective challenges.

#9 Industry Certifications

Certification programs typically provide access to a wealth of resources, including study materials, case studies, whitepapers, and online communities. Many certifications require proficiency in specific tools or technologies commonly used in the industry. Many certification programs are recognized internationally. Quality business schools like SKIPS focus on providing their students with multiple opportunities to add relevant industry certifications to their resumes.

#10 Industry Collaborations and Partnerships

The significance behind the collaboration between industry and academia lies in the idea that it encourages open-mindedness among the students, where they get the motivation to share and publish discoveries, improve themselves to gain their utmost capability and be market and job-ready faster by garnering self-confidence.

Benefits of Industrial Exposure for MBA and PGDM Students

There are a plethora of benefits of industrial exposure for MBA and PGDM students. Some of them are listed below.

  • Practical Application: Students’ exposure to industries will allow them to put their theoretical knowledge into practical application by gaining better insights working alongside professionals.
  • Skill Development: A practical project involves students to handle and perform several tasks and responsibilities. They will be required to learn new skills and gain additional knowledge to perform the tasks. This very process will not only help them master the newly acquired skills but sharpen the existing ones as well.
  • Networking: MBA and PGDM courses are about developing good contacts and building proper relations among professionals. Developing appropriate contacts helps them later when in need, for good relations are significant to good management. Industry exposure allows students to meet new people and develop networks.
  • Industry Insights: It is a given that once you get Industrial exposure, you gain insights about the industry, its functioning, and several other factors that help an industry to thrive and prosper.
  • Resume Enhancement: Resume building is the first step to a professional career that lies ahead of students. And enhancing it from time to time is a must. Therefore, industrial exposure is the best way to allow students to enhance their resumes and add weight to them. It gives them an upper hand before their professional start.


By now, you must be clear about the importance and benefits associated with industrial exposure. The practical learnings you garner through industrial exposure cannot be compensated with textbooks. Industrial exposure can transform your lives for you to navigate your path to a fruitful start and help you attain more.

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To all the MBA and PGDM pursuing students, your journey as a learner is incomplete until and unless you opt for industrial exposure. Get the best industrial exposure by pursuing your MBA in Ahmedabad at SKIPS.