Industrial Visit At Madhur Dairy Organised By St. Kabir Institute Of Professional Studies

Industrial Visit At Madhur Dairy

Madhur Dairy: Industrial Visit

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Rajesh P. Ganatra and Prof. Shreshtha Dabral

Student Participants: Division A (Semester 1)

The industrial visit was organised by St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies at Madhur Dairy, Gandhinagar as a study tool whereby the students had hands-on practical experience of learning the functions of the departments viz. production and operations, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Initially, the faculty coordinators had a brief conversation with the Managing Director, Shri Rohit Mehta. The faculty and students went to the plant with a core member of Madhur Dairy, who guided and deliberated with the students.The students and faculty visited the different areas of the production catering to the different varieties, viz. ice cream, ghee, milk, butter, curd etc.

After the detailed view of all the processing domains, the students and the faculty members approached the departmental heads for the question answer session. The (Marketing) Manager, Shri N. M. Barot and the General Manager (Accounts), Shri J.A. Patel, answered the questions asked by the students in the areas of Marketing and Finance. The students were immensely benefited by the insights and the straight-forward and precise answers given by them. They provided the answers to all the questions about marketing, finance, and accounting, which are part of their syllabus in the context of Madhur Dairy.

Before leaving Madhur Dairy, the students and faculty also met the HR Executive, where the students’ basic questions on HR practises at Madhur Dairy were answered.

Thus, the industrial visit to Madhur Dairy was a good as well as satisfying experience on the part of the students and faculty as an attempt to bridge the gap between the theoretical learning of the session and the observational learning provided at the organization.

Overall, it was a memorable experience for the students and faculty members.

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