After PGDM: Preparing for Placements

Placements can be safely said to be the driving reason behind students opting for a PGDM. And so, it becomes more of a necessity to know that other than spending sleepless nights in anxiety over the coming big interview, what it is that one can do to crack these – and preferably without all that anxiety. So, here are some key points:

1. Attire
Let’s start from the very start – let’s first take a look at what should one wear to an interview. As every PGDM student has already gone through at least one tough interview process – i.e. when they went through the the PGDM selection process – this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. So, don your formal attire, and look like the profile that you’re applying for.

2. Clearing Aptitude Test
Instead of being too confident about the aptitude test, one should really prepare for these. For all the companies that take an aptitude test, which os to say – a lot – this is really important step, as getting shortlisted for the interview part depends on this first step. So, prepare hard for this one!

3. Punctuality
You can’t be late to your interview. You just can’t be. Unless it’s an emergency, you have to reach to your interview on time, It leaves a really bad first impression of you’re not punctual.

4. Resume
The thing that introduces you to the selection panel, way before you get a face-to-face introduction, is your resume. Your resume is the thing that plays a big part in converting your prospective employers to your actual employers. And the thing to understand here is that there are thousands of students who apply for a post, and recruiters are supposed to go through a really big number of resumes. So, the operative word here is ‘unique’. And one of the easiest ways to make your resume cut through all the crowd, is to cut short the length of the resume. As much as one would think that more the participation and achievements, the more you should brag about it – there’s only a limited time which the recruiters have to read each resume, and that it isn’t nearly enough to get them through a manuscript of your autobiography! So, try to include only that information, that you think might be specific to the job profile you’re applying for.

5. Research
The bare minimum that you’re required to be able to answer without much hesitation, is about the profile of the company you’re applying to. Before you face your interviewer, you should have gone through the company website, thoroughly, have an analytic approach towards its trends and the current market trends, both.You should have an opinion, be able to give an insight on how these trends would develop further. So, do your research well.

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