6 Professional Qualities That Employers Seek In Graduates Passing From The Top MBA Colleges In Ahmedabad

6 Professional Qualities That Employers Seek In Graduates Passing From The Top MBA Colleges In Ahmedabad

COVID-19 has had a tremendous influence on professionals; global economies and nations, including India, have gone into recession. Millions of people have lost their jobs; firms have gone bankrupt; and those who have survived are barely scraping by. Proceeding through uncertain times, it’s still unclear which parts of work-life will return to normal and which will be altered somehow. People who can adapt and adjust to this new environment will survive and rise to the top in the long term at times like these.

Employees are expected to adapt to the changing environment and adopt new ideas from their employers. Agility and a good attitude are two qualities that recruiters look for in a prospect when making a hiring decision. A potential employee who is enthusiastic about their job and goes out of their way to learn new techniques to achieve targets and goals is a valuable asset to the firm.

All candidates must improve their abilities to include great communication skills, technical skills, high emotional intelligence, and a good attitude to be considered for future positions. Candidates from the top MBA colleges in Ahmedabad should invest in talents that will be in high demand in the future since this will pay off well in a post-COVID job.

Which Business Talents Do Employers Believe Will Be In Great Demand In The Post-COVID Era?

We specifically asked business recruiters whether they believed demand for 18 specific talents would rise, remain steady, or shrink in the next five years. While the question did not specifically mention COVID-19 and its effects, the timing of wave 1 in February and March, as well as the forward-looking nature of the question, provide significant insight into how recruiters will prioritise certain talents in the future.

Overall, recruiters projected that the top three talents in demand would be managing strategy and innovation, managing tools and technology, and interpersonal skills.

a) Management of people

Effective communication and leadership abilities and the ability to manage, encourage, and provide timely performance feedback are all essential people management talents. This is something that students should learn from the best MBA colleges in Gujarat. Employees who work from home and those who work in an office will coexist in the future. Future managers will face a difficult challenge in managing a diverse workforce. Personnel with great leadership and management abilities who know how to bring out the best in people and motivate them to meet deadlines and achieve goals will be highly demanded.

b) Innovation and Strategy Management

More than any other talent, according to 62% of the 677 worldwide corporate recruiters who responded, managing strategy and innovation would see increased demand in the next five years. Analyzing data, thinking creatively, and establishing objectives and plans are all part of managing strategy and innovation.

Employers want to be flexible and capable of developing and implementing new plans based on changing market conditions, especially in these unpredictable times. When market circumstances are volatile, managers who can think creatively and develop new solutions to company challenges are extremely valued. Innovative managers will become more valuable to top employers as the speed of business change continues to increase post-COVID.

c) Technology and Tool Management

Managing tools and technology is the second highest-ranked talent that corporate recruiters project will see increased demand in the future (60 per cent). Controlling machines and processes, checking equipment, buildings, and materials, and designing, setting out, and specifying technical devices and equipment are all examples of this.

Employers that had already employed managers who were skilled at exploiting new technology and tools have seen a significant return on their investment during the COVID crisis, as many businesses were forced to shift their fundamental business strategy to digital platforms swiftly. According to corporate recruiters, artificial intelligence and automation will continue to be major industry disruptors in the future, and anyone with skills in this area will be in high demand.

d) Personality Characteristics

Surprisingly, as the corporate world becomes more technologically oriented, recruiters see a huge increase in the significance of personal connection and understanding for managers. Over the next five years, 57 per cent of recruiters believe interpersonal skills will be in higher demand. Active listening, social perceptiveness, coordination, persuasion, negotiation, time management, and people resource management are all interpersonal skills.

Employers require managers and leaders who are well versed in soft skills to assist their staff manage stress and uncertainty, especially in times of crisis like the COVID-19 epidemic.

e) Personal Qualities

Speaking skills, writing skills, presenting skills, and the capacity to convey ideas, thoughts, and proposals as professionally as possible are examples of soft skills. Among the organization’s recruiters, a person with good communication skills is usually a favourite.

So, if you haven’t stressed the value of soft skills in your job, now is the time to do so. Brush up on your soft skills training, and push your career to the next level of perfection. Your capacity to communicate effectively and professionally impacts your boss’s efficiency, effectiveness, and trustworthiness.

f) Learning Flexibility

Recruiters currently place a greater emphasis on a candidate’s learning agility than on intellect. To succeed in today’s multi-dimensional business scene, we need to be flexible, adaptable, and open to new ideas. The global business climate has grown more dynamic and turbulent as a result of the current pandemic crisis. Organizations can no longer rely on methods that have worked in the past or even those currently functioning. A workforce with high learning agility may learn from negative results and use what they’ve learned in the next circumstance.

Employers are confident in the abilities that graduates of business schools bring to the table.

Employers trust graduate business schools to teach their students abilities that will not only be useful now but will also be useful in the future, based on a track record established by decades of top management talent.

Overall, 9 out of 10 corporate recruiters believe graduates from MBA colleges in Ahmedabad can prepare students for success in their businesses. Specifically, a majority of recruiters mention a varied skillset (72%), the capacity to think strategically (71%), excellent communication skills (69%), and the readiness to take on leadership responsibilities as reasons for their high trust in business school hires (50%).

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