Third convocation of St.Kabir Institute of Professional Studies (SKIPS), for two year AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program was held on 13th April, 2012. Mr. Atanu Chakraborty IAS, Managing Director of Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd was the Chief Guest.

He further added that this knowledge is aided by Attitude. Attitude is a mindset which is open to accept ideas from anybody, said Mr. Atanu Chakraborty. He advised the students to keep their attitude open and willingness to learn alive and to be students for life. He further accentuated the values of modern management, and its integration with external environmental aspects. The students were reminded of the demographic dividend, which they are a part of, and were told that they would be instrumental in driving the economy to faster gains. Adding to the importance of economic growth, the chief guest mentioned that Agriculture would be the Dark Horse in the race to catapult the economy. Deciphering globalization and current financial crisis, Mr. Atanu recounted a Sanskrit quote which postulates that anything in abundance will become a matter of distress and hence as derivate products have become too complex to discern, they have become a major source of concern. He guided the students to shift their focus from CTC driven career building to Value Driven opportunities.

The inspiring speech concluded with the mention of Saint Kabir, the renowned saint who symbolized devotion and commitment, which according the chief guest, should be the motto of all the graduating students because one should not be satisfied with three things- gaining knowledge, penance and charity and hence one should also strive to achieve more of these. The chief guest blessed the students and wished them a productive and spirited growth in their careers.


55 students received their diploma at the hands of the Chairperson. Special medals for scholastic performance and best overall performance were awarded by the Chief Guest.

SKIPS, set up in 2008, had established itself as an illustrious institute in management education by adopting competence based learning model, which strives for a balance between rigorous academic input and industry oriented modules in the curriculum.


Elaborating on the achievements of SKIPS the Director added that Dr. Ravi Gor, the Dean of SKIPS completed his Post Doctoral Research from University of New Brunswick, Canada. Other faculty members of SKIPS presented research papers and National and Internal Seminars. SKIPS also conducted two- Management Developments programs for the Sales Tax Department, Govt. of Gujarat and at Institute of Materials Management.

It was informed by the Director that SKIPS had successfully placed 80% of the current batch at various reputed companies. It was a matter of satisfaction and pride that many of the companies like Axis Bank, Kotak Group, Reliance Group, Union Bank and SNL Financial revisited the campus for placement. This year SKIPS could also invite AUDI, the renowned premier car manufacturer, which selected one student at 3.5 Lakh(per annum). All the profiles that came through the placement were quite challenging and were accepted by most of the students.