Location as a Factor in Choosing PGDM college

Choosing to get PGDM admissions is absolutely no piece of cake – simply because it’s a really important course; and the fact that PGDM colleges are popping up everywhere like it’s nobody’s business, doesn’t in the least mean that any PGDM college would do. Not just any college would do justice to this course, and […]

Getting a PGDM from an Indian University

And important question is, why study management from India, when there are a lot many options (many would say better than the Indian b-schools) available out of the country. But getting your PGDM admission in one of the Indian universities might prove to be extremely beneficial, and this is how we think it would be: […]

How To Choose Your Specialization?

Getting your management degree – one of the vital questions that would most certainly play a role in your deciding the college you’d go to, is the specialization you’d choose. Like, deciding to get an MBA in Ahmedabad if you’re more interested in marketing, or IIFT, Delhi for Finance, or some place else – here’s […]

Why Does a PGDM Cost So Much?

As with so many other programs, the cost to get a PGDM seems like always increasing. Now no one is really unaware of the benefits one gets to reap on studying management, and that too, preferably, from one of the best institutes of the country, but is such a high tuition fee really justified? We […]

PGDM or MBA ?? – The Big Confusion

The question of why pursue management is usually followed by a confusion ensuing between the two courses PGDM and MBA. It is the solution to this very confusion that later decides on the colleges that a management aspirant wants to get admission in. Important as this question is, the answer is very simple and straightforward. […]