Director’s Message

Dr. Ram Kumar Balyan, Director

ChairmanSirSKIPS is founded on the principles of discipline and innovation. We give our students the freedom to experiment with new ideas but they are under supervision and guidance. This has helped us in developing a milieu of rich thoughts which turn into richer actions. Our students are guided from all perspectives of development so that at the end of their tenure they are skilled management graduates.

With this vision in mind we strive hard to develop contemporary courses and deliver these in a well organized manner. SKIPS hosts the best infrastructural facilities available for a complete learning environment. We give our students the best facilities and the latest resources which help them widen their horizons and learn better.

The team at SKIPS, ranging from faculty members to the administrative staff, works as a well coordinated system to aid student development. Planning and implementation are meticulously detailed and no stone is left unturned to help students achieve their goals.