Why Study International Business Management

The competition in the market is real. We all know that. The thing that we are aware with, but many-a-times ignore, is that the market isn’ just domestic in nature. Getting ahead in the biggest races the humankind will ever see, one has to take the whole International market into perspective. You simply can’t ignore […]

Sensory Marketing in Retail

Sensory marketing – sensory marketing can be defined as – marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior. Marketing has always used audio and visual cues to connect with the customers, sensory marketing talks about exploring all 5 senses to influence customer behavior. Sensory cues should be deployed at retail […]

Lifestage – A Teen-Only FB App

Social Networking Giant Facebook is trying to catch them young by launching a new teen only app Lifestage, designed specifically targeting high schoolersby allowing them put their life on stage. Only 8% of Facebook’s US users are aged 13-19 according to statistics website Statista. With this new app Facebook is trying to connect to a […]