How To Choose Your Specialization?

Getting your management degree – one of the vital questions that would most certainly play a role in your deciding the college you’d go to, is the specialization you’d choose. Like, deciding to get an MBA in Ahmedabad if you’re more interested in marketing, or IIFT, Delhi for Finance, or some place else – here’s […]

Is Studying Business Management Worth It?

Getting ready to study Management? But, is it really worth it? Sure, it is one of the most desirable postgraduate degrees here – but that shouldn’t be the only reason to go for something as important, now should it? So here re a few reasons to help you take this decision in a more informed […]

Teaching Literature at the B-school

In one afternoon class of English Literature in a management college, a certain professor was trying to convince wannabe management graduates on how the study of literature might prepare them for executive success. The class was discussing Little Big Man, Thomas Berger’s 1964 parody. Narrated by an 11 year old, the novel talks of some […]

Financial Literacy a Necessary Antidote to Reckless Spending

India has world’s largest youth population. In four years from now i.e. 2020, average age of India’s population is predicted to be 29 years by Economic Survey 2015. Although it is a positive sign, but if we fail to direct / utilize their energy in right direction, it can have devastating economic effects. Youths today […]

Digitalisation: Changing the Landscape of Banking

Banks today are facing various challenges in order to increase their bottom line. Competition is severe, technology is changing fast and hence need quick adaptability, changes in socio demographic factors too are posing challenges for banks to understand customer. Banks in developed countries are struggling to find growth opportunities due to stagnancy in economic growth. […]

Sensory Marketing in Retail

Sensory marketing – sensory marketing can be defined as – marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior. Marketing has always used audio and visual cues to connect with the customers, sensory marketing talks about exploring all 5 senses to influence customer behavior. Sensory cues should be deployed at retail […]

Why Does a PGDM Cost So Much?

As with so many other programs, the cost to get a PGDM seems like always increasing. Now no one is really unaware of the benefits one gets to reap on studying management, and that too, preferably, from one of the best institutes of the country, but is such a high tuition fee really justified? We […]

Life Insurance Kiosks”: A Policy Holder’s Delight

Kiosks are the unmanned online information centres strategically placed at various public places. They are called ‘interactive touch screen kiosks’. As a self-contained unit, it is a combination of software and hardware to integrate all media tools comprising video, text, graphics and quality sound. It includes a touch sensor and a monitor on which the […]